Kingston House

(Bernie's Place)

Youth Housing

Residential Child Care Facility

Continuum of Colorado has opened an eight bed children’s home providing mental health services with abundant individualized supports  to begin immediately serving children with extreme behavioral challenges ages from 10-17.  Continuum contracts services with an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Manager that will be responsible for the initial assessment, overall development, implementation, and coordination of the treatment program. All of the staff are trained to implement ABA principles within the home.

The facility will also have staff trained in basic behavioral interventions, who will work under the guidance of licensed ABA therapists to interrupt psychiatric and behavioral decline for children who unsuccessfully cycle through hospitalizations and outpatient treatment. Continuum’s RCCFs will maintain low child-to-staff ratios.

We Offer:

  • Family Training:

    The family will receive training on the same behavioral plan that staff run utilizes  in the home to help provide a smooth transition when the child is discharged.

  • Community Integration:

    The child will participate in community activities on a regular basis.

  • Therapies:

    The child will receive behavior therapy and mental health therapy (as recommended by the therapist during their assessment); the child can also receive speech, occupational therapy (OT), and physical therapy (PT) as recommended.

  • Person Centered Training for Staff:

    Each plan is created specifically for the child living in the home. This creates an environment that encourages support for individual growth. 

Meet Our Residents

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