2022 DSP of the Year Award Winner

Congratulations to Quintin (Q) Gorgan, Continuum of Colorado’s Direct Support Professional (DSP) of the Year! Q has been with Continuum of Colorado for 7 years as a Life Skills Specialist. He has shown by example what a skilled and experienced DSP does to ensure our individuals’ care and mental health are priorities while performing his duties. Q always approaches people he works with in a respectful manner.

Q was excited about taking one of our individuals out to the theater to see 2 Broadway plays. He worked extensively ahead of time to ensure adequate and comfortable accommodations were in place to suit the needs of the individual he escorted to the play. Arrangements were made to attend the Broadway play, “Gypsy.” Prior to attending, Q explained how the venue was set up and the different accommodations that were in place in order for the individual to attend. Once they arrived, Q made sure that he included the individual in every step of verifying that the venue had the requested and accepted seating arrangements correct, including that the floor level was fitting to the individual to prevent any anxiety that would have prevented her from enjoying the event. After the play, the individual expressed how much she enjoyed the play and she continued to talk about how happy she was to have attended. She expressed that she would like to continue going to the theater based on her experience and how Q made sure she was taken care of in such a professional and thoughtful manner.

Quintin’s leadership capabilities are shown by how he takes the time to meet and greet each person who visits where he works. He has the gift of gab, which helps to highlight the wonderful care the staff he works alongside provides when talking with guardians and visitors that come to the home. Q’s communication skills were front and center when the state inspection was conducted. Q was chosen to demonstrate his G-Tube skills to the inspector. Based on the information shared by the inspector, Q received compliments on his knowledge, communication, and professionalism showed while providing this service to the individual he was working with.

This is the type of Direct Support Professional that is appreciated and needed in all settings! Quintin is very accommodating with any request; he is flexible and does not get frustrated or flustered when changes occur (which can be quite frequent in group homes). Overall, Quintin is a great staff member and a benefit to the individuals we serve and coworkers alike.

For these examples, and many more, we would like to congratulate Quintin on being our Top DSP of the Year for 2022!