Annual James “Bobo” Horam Team Awards Origins

At the beginning of each year, Continuum of Colorado (CoC) takes time to celebrate all the hard work we have accomplished from the year prior. We take this time to nominate outstanding teams for our Annual James “Bobo” Horam Team Award (otherwise known as the Bobo Awards). We’ve highlighted the origins of the Bobo awards below.

In March of 2016, James “Bobo” Horam (who lived at CoC’s Washington house) was informed that he would need to receive hospice care. Bobo had been diagnosed with an advanced stage of liver cancer and was informed by his doctors that it was time to start planning his last remaining days on earth. It was Bobo’s last wish (and insistence) that he stay in his home until the end of his life. Although CoC had done some intermittent hospice care in the past, CoC had never attempted complete hospice care in any of their homes. This would entail long-term, highly intense medical and emotional attention to Bobo throughout the entire process.

After little hesitation from the staff at Washington House, they led the way in honoring Bobo’s last request.  It was never a question of “if” we could serve Bobo at Washington House in hospice care, rather “How” can we continue to serve Bobo through hospice care.  For many months, the staff at Washington House served Bobo in a manner of his choosing; they helped him to continue attending his programs and activities, managed his pain, provided him with his favorites (favorite meals, routines), and most importantly kept him comfortable in his own home through the end of his time with us and his family.  On September 22nd, 2016, after six months of hospice care, James “Bobo” Horam passed away comfortably in his own bed at Washington House surrounded by family and staff that loved him, just as he wanted.

On February 22nd, 2017, Washington House staff was awarded the first-ever James “Bobo” Horam Team Award (Bobo award) for their outstanding dedication, perseverance, teamwork, and efforts to ensure Bobo’s last wish was fulfilled with dignity, respect, and where he was most comfortable, at home.

The Bobo award has been awarded every year since to teams that show the same dedication, ingenuity, and teamwork to go above and beyond for the individuals we serve.

If you would like to nominate an outstanding CoC Team, follow this link