Day Activities

Day Activities Programs

Continuum of Colorado’s Day Programs serves adults and seniors with abilities that range over a broad spectrum. We offer a safe and well supervised environment with meaningful Person-Centered activities to meet varying interests and abilities. Services may include one on one or group activities. We also offer virtual services.

What We Do

Our Day Activities programs offer opportunities for people to interact with community members, participate in volunteer activities, and provide a sense of inclusion and giving to others.

We provide supportive environments for people to socialize with peers and make new friends.

  • Supported Community Connections (Individual Services) – Community-based activities, developed with an individual or an individual and their peers. The focus of these services is on engaging in activities as a community member with staff support.
  • Specialized Habilitation Facility-Based Services – An integrated program including services catered to seniors. Activities are planned based on individual and group interests. We offer a staff-to-individual ratio of 1 staff to 8 or less individuals at our on-site location
  • Virtual Activities and Remote Opportunities – Scheduled based on need and offered when the on-site location is closed for unexpected events, like inclement weather.
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Man delivering a box to a girl at the door
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Activities include both on-site and community opportunities with focus on:

  • Person-Centered activities intended to increase skills and personal growth
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Sensory experiences
  • Activities intended to increase health and fitness
  • Fun and local interest activities
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Our on-site program location is conventiently located in Aurora.

Activity Services On-Site Location
14280 E Jewell Ave, Suite B
Aurora, CO 80012