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Supported Employment Overview

It’s Just a Job!

At Continuum of Colorado we believe that working should be more than just a job. Meaningful work is a fundamental human need that applies to everyone. A job promotes independence, a sense of purpose, self-respect, and quality of life. This is why we take an individualized person centered approach to employment. We never fill out a bunch of applications and hope one sticks! We have developed a placement process that we have found to promote success, longevity, and overall satisfaction for employees and employers. We have a team of dedicated Employment Consultants ready to help you achieve your full employment potential.

What the Job Hunt Looks Like!

Finding out about you…
The first step is to complete a thorough vocational assessment. Through assessment we discover an individual’s interest, skills and abilities as they relate to the world of work. This allows us to target specific jobs that you will be most successful at.

Finding the perfect job…
When an individual enters job development we strive to stay true to our findings during the assessment period and never rush the process. We want to ensure a good fit and a long lasting successful employment experience for both the employer and employee.

I’ve got a job…now what?
After a job is found, your Employment Consultant provides extensive on the job training to help you not only learn the tasks you are assigned but become stable and independent on the job as well.

I’m independent… but what if I need help?
No worries…we never disappear completely! For the life of the job your Employment Consultant will visit you at work on a regular basis to provide you and your employer with the continued supports you need. Typically, this is once a week or twice a month. Should a concern arise between visits or you need assistance learning a new task, you can contact your Employment Consultant at any time.

Other Services We Offer

  • Group Supported Employment

  • Work Adjustment Training

  • Bus Training

  • Interview Skills Workshop

  • Job Keeping Skills Workshop

  • Social Skills on the Job Workshop

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For additional information on any of the above services, please contact us.