Seniors’ Choice Activities

Seniors’ Choice

Our Seniors’ Choice Program Provides a safe and supportive environment with trained and caring staff. Staff consist of CNAs that are available to assist with special needs as well as facilitators trained to provide quality activities for a diverse group with varied interests.

Services we provide:

Relief for families who are caring for seniors in their home

Specialize in Alzheimer and Dementia Care

A menu of daily activities are offered and individuals choose based on personal preferences

Activities that encourage mental stimulation, physical fitness and socialization

Individualized support to help maintain skills and various levels of supervision

Supportive and social environment for making new friends

Catered hot lunch and snacks offered daily

Health and wellness monitoring

Community connections

Seniors’ Choice is conveniently located east of Mississippi and Havana.
11111 E Mississippi Ave Aurora, CO 80012

For additional information on any of the above services, please contact us.